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Pro-Arts studio opened in 1997 and we always want to offer to our international target the best quality materials, the best formation and our professionality tattoing in Barcelona.


We don´t have limits for our designs in Pro-Arts. We work in your proposed idea in order to offer you a custom design tattoo, -personal and unique-, or starting from an established design that we carry out with the greatest accuracy, preciseness and personal motivation. Our hand-picked tattoo artists are committed to providing you with the highest quality art and custom tattoo design.

If you are looking for a benchmark in tattoos, please contact us or visit our studio in Barcelona. You can also visit our tattooist Javi Granged´s photos in order to see who we are and how does the tattoo suit in your skin.

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We will be glad to attend all your questions by telephone or email.

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    Tattoo´s gallery – Pro-Arts Barcelona

    We provide you with all kind of tattoos. If you visit our gallery you can see some examples of realistic tattoos, ones of animals, cover up, catrinas, oriental tattoos and many other designs.

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    Tattooing course in Barcelona

    For several years, besides distributors and tattoo artists, we are training curses of personalized tattoos to learn tattooing and improve techniques and styles intended to inform, educate and act responsibly with the whole material that we offer in our studio.
    Both level and advanced courses are training individually and personalized to different levels and solve doubts that may arise.

    Learn to tattoo with us and take the first step in becoming a professional tattooist!

    At Pro-Arts believe in the future tattooist education in order to guarantee their responsible and professional intervention on this field. First of all, we consider that to reach the target in tattooing in is necessary to have a complete artistic basis; a good potential both in drawing and painting is directly projected in the tattoo´s quality. Mentioned quality will be reached during the course when you master the technique.

    We want to emphasize the importance of working this main aspects to achieve good artistic habits, if you don´t have them yet, before tattooing. Apart from that, as in any other artistic discipline, you need perseverance and dedication that, together with the aid of a good professional and personalized attention, make our course the best option to enter the world of tattoos.

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    LThe Generalitat of Catalunya, through Decree 90/2008 of the 22nd of April, established the regulation of tattoo and piercing practises, as well as the hygienic and sanitary requirements that the establishment were tattoos and piercings are done must achieve.

    The course certificate, according to the OMNIBUS law (law 25/2009 of the 22nd of December) is valid not only in the Autonomous Communities of Spain but also in all the Member States of the European Union, through validation by the European Union.

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    Virtual Tour – Pro-Arts Tattoo Barcelona

    Our personal experience – Tattoos studio in Barcelona

    Barcelona tattoo expo 2016

    Finally, we have the honour to be part in the organizing team for the Barcelona Tattoo Expo, one of the Conventions that serve as a reference in Europe. We are available to solve any question you have.

    We welcome you to a new way of understanding the corporal art. Our professional experience and results reached support us and make that we work hard in order to offer our customers the best service and an unbeatable assistance.

    We will listen to all of your needs and want to provide you with a tattoo that you will be proud to show off for years to come.